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How do I sign up for the next pop-up shop?

Click buy tickets here, fill out the required information, then purchase your vendor tickets.

Are food vendors required to have a food license?

Yes, food vendors are required to have a food license to vend at the pop-up shop. You can apply for a temporary or permeant license here:

Are we allowed to set up after the event starts?

You are allowed to set up to 1 hour after the event if you arrive after the allowed time, all vendor fees will be forfeited.

Can we cook at the event?

 Cooking is not allowed in the Eastern Market, and food must be prepared before the event.

Do I need a license if I sell cupcakes, candy, etc.?

No, however, vendors need to follow the cottage food law.

Are we allowed to bring extra people, to the event?

You are allowed to bring an additional 2 people to the event to help.

How many vendors are allowed per space?

One vendor per table is allowed, unless approved prior to the event. 

Where should I send my logo?

What if I cannot attend the event?

If your unable to attend the event, please reach out and let us know as soon as possible. This way we can make arrangements. 

Refund Policy?

All sales are final, we do not allow refunds. However, we do allow credit towards the next event if the event is canceled. 

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